Our Mission

The Global American Online is the leading authority on millennial travel and expat lifestyle. The GA is a digital multimedia platform dedicated to millennial expats and travelers around the globe, from the every day vacationer to the eight-month backpacker to the eternal nomad.

The mission of The Global American is to offer a creative outlet and support system for all millennial expats and travelers, and to inspire and motivate its readers to explore the world outside of their own. The GA is a collective of stories and experiences from millennials living in a foreign country or traveling. It provides a voice for and bond between all expats and travelers, regardless of nationality, and is the first of its kind to consolidate expat life and travel resources specifically for this generation in one online, traveler-friendly platform. 

In delivering traveler and expat messages from all over the globe, The GA also strives to educate all Americans on life outside of the United States and how living abroad significantly impacts personal growth, career development, health and wellness and more. It allows for the discussion on all things “American” in a much greater, global context.

Our Vision

As travelers and expats ourselves, it is our hope to create thoughtful and provoking content that inspires millennials around the globe to explore all that this world has to offer in their own unique ways. As The GA grows, we hope to build a community of millennial travelers and expats both online and offline in major cities across the world, creating social networks and connections between like-minded people who share a common passion: a love for all things travel from the millennial perspective. Today's world truly is a global one, and we demand to be a part of it.

Coming Soon

What you see is just the beginning! What's next? Interactive maps, user profiles to customize your upcoming trips, and social networking events around the world!


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