Sailors Desk: The Digital Nomad's Newest Work Space In Paradise

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There is no doubt that the world economy depends heavily on the digitization of trade, goods, and skills. In the last ten years, a new era of technology has created millions of jobs worldwide and has allowed people the luxury of working from home or the location of their choice.

With the rise of the Digital Nomad, co-working spaces are popping up all over the world, giving travelers, business owners, and employees working remotely a space to work quietly and efficiently, instead of relying solely on overcrowded internet cafés, coffee shops, or book stores. In an effort to contribute the Tunisian economy, two engineers have dedicated themselves to launching Sailors Desk, a brand-new co-working space on the Tunisian island of Kerkennah.

Sailors Desk was created primarily to bridge the gap between the global digital economy and the Tunisian economy.  According to founders Faten and Raafet, “this mission originates from the certainty that developing a growing, digitally skilled Tunisian community, would represent a huge boost for Tunisia’s future economy.”

Faten, a location-independent engineer has worked in several co-working spaces across the world. Raafet, who once worked at a corporate desk, moved to co-working desks when he participated in an exchange program for entrepreneurs and spent one month at Sun Desk Co-Working, a living and working space. From their personal experiences, Faten and Raafet were able to develop their own co-working space for Digital Nomads.

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Sailors Desk is housed in an authentic Tunisian-style villa painted blue and white in true Mediterranean fashion. The workspace is on the first floor equipped with desks, ergonomic chairs, reliable Internet connection, and a world-class view of the sea. There is a corner for coffee and fresh fruit, and two terraces with a panoramic sea view, allowing for short breaks from work and chance to rejuvenate. Guests can also work on the terraces if an outdoor work environment by the sea is more their style.

Downstairs are four fully equipped bedrooms with sheets and towels for guests. There are two common bathrooms to be shared by guests and the bedrooms are surrounded by patios that lead to a courtyard. The patio and courtyard give guests the opportunity to socialize, host BBQs, and relax at the pool.  

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Kerkennah is located approximately two hours by plane from France and Italy. Known for its breathtaking sunsets and magical night sky, this North African island offers plenty of rich history, culture, and Vitamin D.  Although the official languages of Tunisia are French and Arabic, many of its inhabitants speak English. 

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Sailors Desk has already established contact with digital nomad groups such as Remote Year, DNX, and We Roam to organize training camps for Tunisian locals. The idea is for digital nomads to teach their tech and digital skills to the people of the Tunisia in an attempt to bridge the gap between the global and Tunisian economies.

Launching September 18th, Sailors Desk is now offering early-bird discounts for its very first ‘sailors’. A total package of ten days in a shared room would cost approximately 14 euro per night, which includes access to all workspace and living amenities and breakfast.

Please connect with Faten and Raafet via for more information on the space, early bird packages, and reservations.