The Great *Active* Outdoors: Madrid

By Katelyn Moran, GA Writer

If you're not a fan of the gym atmosphere or simply just enjoy getting your sweat on outdoors here are some locations and ideas for how to be active outside of the gym in Madrid based on real expat experiences.

Calisthenic parks are scattered throughout the city but here are some locations you can find closer to the center. 

  • Retiro Park on Paseo de Hernan Cortez and Paseo de Uruguay
  • Avenida de Gran Via de Hortaleza
  • Lineal de Manzanares Park
  • Parque Enrique Tierno Galvan has an actual outdoor gym
Avenida de Gran Via

Avenida de Gran Via

Running can be done just about anywhere but if you're looking for a less congested area to have a smoother run try these:

  • Templo de debod for running with a view
  • Madrid Rio for a path along the banks of the beautiful river
  • Casa de Campo for inclines and a real nature experience
  • Retiro Park for a slow jog or sprints on one of many of the long straight paths throughout the park
Templo de Debod

Templo de Debod

Looking for more of a flow?  You can do outdoor yoga in many locations throughout the city, in any park, especially Templo de Debod.  Retiro Park has an organized yoga class, and there are many facebook events for yoga in the park on the Auxiliar group pages.

More of a biker?  Try these locations for a great "bici" experience:

  • In the city: from Ronda de Atocha to el Plaza de Colon
  • From Cibeles to Retiro park
  • Ride the span of the Madrid Rio, starting near Legazpi and heading north
  • Outside the city: Dirt trails throughout Casa de Campo, or hit the bike lanes for a smoother ride
Casa De Campo

Casa De Campo

More of an outdoorsman or looking for a new kind of challenge?  Madrid happens to be close to quite a few amazing hiking spots:

  • Cercedilla
  • El Escorial
  • Sierra de Guadamarra
Hiking though El Escorial

Hiking though El Escorial

Pool views in the mountains of Cercedilla 

Pool views in the mountains of Cercedilla 

Get creative with your active ventures and you'll find there are endless possibilities for a great workout outside of the gym.  Exercising outdoors is a great way to learn the city, and gives you the opportunity to explore Madrid!


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