How To Prioritize Your Fitness While Traveling According to a Fitness Blogger

Trying to stay on track with your health and fitness while traveling can be a major pain. When you’re at home, it’s second nature and a part of your routine, but travel is unpredictable and doesn’t leave a lot of personal time when you’re running from museum to statue to walking tour all day.  Don’t stress too much about it, especially if your trip is only a week or two long!  Missing a few workouts and not being on point for every meal for a short period of time isn’t going to destroy all your hard work.  But, if you are one who prefers to prioritize your fitness no matter the situation, like me, here are some tips to help you stay on track while on the road.

1. Think outside the box, you aren’t necessarily going to have a gym nearby, let alone in your hotel or hostel.  Prepare a few body weight and plyometric workouts that you can do in a small space or outside, depending on the weather of the locale.

Pro tip: create your workouts ahead of time so that you don’t waste any of your exploring time trying to come up with a plan.

2. Pack only the bare minimum that is necessary for a workout; gym shoes, a sports bra, leggings, and a tank - or if you’re a guy, a t-shirt, shorts, and shoes. The only other thing I would add is a small towel because there is no guarantee you will be given one where you are staying, especially not for a workout.  Anything else will just end up being extra weight in your bag and you probably won’t need it. 

Pro tip: wear your workout gear on the plane if you feel you can’t justify taking up any precious space in your carry on with workout clothes and gym shoes.

3. Use resistance bands. You can buy a set for cheap at most sports supply stores or from amazon.  They take up a very small amount of space and are light-weight. Plus, they’re great for adding difficulty when bodyweight workouts are not enough. 

Pro tip: roll them up and store them inside a pair of shoes so that they don’t take up any extra space.

4. Stick to the basics when it comes to food.  Keep your water bottle full, and search for a lean meat, and vegetables if you have that option.  Sounds simple, but depending where you’re traveling veggies aren’t going to be that common.  Do a little research for healthy restaurants in the city you are visiting before the trip and make of list of a few options so that you can find them without extra time when you’re already out and about in the city.  My personal favorites are Salad bar type restaurants because I know I will be getting fresh ingredients and if it’s a “build your own” I will know exactly what I’m eating.

5. Bring protein bars, nuts, cans of tuna, a few pieces of fresh fruit, or whatever your go-to healthy snacks are when you’re at home.  I prefer to bring protein bars because I can use it as a meal when I’m out walking the city and I don’t have to worry about not getting enough protein, which can be a tough one to stay on top of when traveling.  And, yes, you are allowed to bring small cans of tuna in your carry on just don’t go overboard because you don’t want to be carrying an extra 10lbs on your back just to have some extra protein. 

Pro tip: keep some cash on hand so that you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables from stands you will find throughout most cities.

That’s it!  Keep it simple and smart. At the end of the day, enjoying yourself while exploring a new city or country is the most important thing you should be focusing on.  The key is moderation - just don’t let travel or vacation be an excuse to eat as much as you can and completely lose sight of your health and fitness goals. With these tips you will be able to enjoy your time traveling without worrying about taking a step back in your fitness journey.  Happy travels!


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