Getting Lost in Mikulov

A day trip on your way to Prague won’t hurt. Check out what the little town of Mikulov has to offer (and it’s more than you’d expect!).

After a day spent walking around little towns in the Czech Republic (en route to Vienna), I found myself nearly at the border between the two neighbouring countries. This is where you’ll find Mikulov — a simple yet vibrant town in Southern Moravia, famous for their wine.

Entering Mikulov was like a fairytale full of children and families alike riding bikes, sitting outside cafes, and smoking a joint. You’ll be struck with the sight of vine yards up a hill, the smell of coffee, and most importantly, how it’s a blend of both Austria and the Czech Republic.

I’ve only spent half a day in this fairytale-like town and would really like to explore some more of it. Maybe take a weekend here before re-visiting Vienna or other cities in Austria.

In a way, I felt a kinship with Mikulov as it’s both in love with coffee and wine. Ha.

Getting to Mikulov:

My mom and I rented a car that took us around various little towns in the Czech Republic.

I’m going to assume taking a bus would cover the same time and distance for this trip — but not to worry since the countryside is simply stunning, you wouldn’t worry about ever getting bored.

However, you can also take other means of transportation like the train.

From Prague: Take the train to Breclav, where you’ll be changing train stations to reach Mikulov. This takes a good 4 hours, as opposed to the 5-6 hours if you take a car or bus.

From Vienna: Take the one hour train to Breclav as well before changing stations for Mikulov. Since Vienna is closer to the town, it only takes 2 hours to get here.

What to do while in Mikulov:

Since I went to the small town winter was just about to finish, I couldn’t participate into one of their famous wine tours. Nonetheless, there are still many activities to take part in while visiting!

Activities in Mikulov would mostly consist of long walks and beautiful scenery, since it’s more of a place to relax than to be a “tourist” (What does that mean, anyway?)

First thing’s first: Exploring Mikulovsky Zamek


The castle is situated at the top of the town’s hill. Out of all the towns, I think the main reason why I love Mikulov so much is because I heard someone play classical music with a piano while exploring Mikulovsky Zamek’s grounds. I still have no idea who that person is but I’d like to assume he/she is a big fan of Bach.

For the ones who would love a good walk: Svaty Kopecek v Mikulove

If you’d like to see an entire view of the town, you can hike a good 0.7km up the hill of Svaty Kopecek which will show you what encompasses Mikulov — including the nearby vine yards.

But this walk isn’t recommended to travellers with children or elderly since the climb can be quite steep and time consuming, depending on the weather.

For the art and coffee lovers: Galerie Zavodny

Okay so obviously this is where I started loving Mikulov. The galerie has tiny cafes surrounding it where locals and travellers alike can relax. In many ways, it’s also the city centre which gives you a great view of the castle, little town shows, and probably your next restaurant reservation.

Go to Mikulov if:

You’re a lover of wine, coffee, and scenic views. I’m not even kidding on the last one! Ha. Overall, I love this little town at South Moravia (bordering Austria and the Czech Republic) which will give you a great introduction to what to expect in Vienna, like classical music playing in the streets and an honest farewell party from the Czech Republic.

In many ways, it’s a fairytale like town but also modern in its appeal. And it definitely isn’t like all the other towns you’ll come across in this area as it’s so lively and full of art.

Originally written by Kiara Mijares via